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Game designer Uwe Rosenberg's sequel to popular farming strategy game Agricola — this time, Cave Farmers, with mining added to the mix.

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What sequence of moves in Solo Caverna result in the maximum score?

The solo game of Caverna is completely deterministic. There is no luck. There are no opponents to mess up your strategy. So, a particular sequence of moves will always result in the same score. ...
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Peaceful cave too good to be true?

We've played Caverna a few times now, and the most recent time, I stumbled onto something so easy and good I felt like I must be cheating. So, help me out: am I doing this right? Or, is there some ...
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Does the "Urgent wish for children" card in Caverna allow construction of all types of dwellings?

The B side of the "Wish for children" card titled "Urgent wish for children" requires you to build a "Dwelling" prior to family growth. Dwelling is written with a capital D on the card. Does that mean ...
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How does the Office room work?

I read the basic rules, but they mention nothing about the term "overhang". How does the office work, exactly? Is this explained anywhere?
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In two-player and solo Caverna, why is Round 9 with the Exploration action skipped?

The setup rules dictate the removal of the Exploration action card, with Round 9 to be skipped. But they don't list the reasoning behind this decision. Rulebook, page 3: In the 2-player game, ...
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Does State Parlor give bonus for dwellings added after the fact?

When the state parlor is built, and a dwelling is later added, does the player get the two food bonus? One school of thought is that the bonus is applied only once for the parlor itself. Another ...
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Can boars go inside the cave in Caverna?

So there is some ambiguity in the rules about Boars where the example seems to conflict with the rule statement. This leads to the question: Can Boars go inside the cave (For example in the base ...
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Can Working Cave feed multiple Dwarves

In Caverna, there is a furnishing called the Working Cave with the following text: Every time you have to feed your Dwarfs at the end of a round (including the special Feeding phases), you may ...
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