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Breaking the rules. How to do it, how to catch others doing it, and the ramifications of doing so.

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Is playing an illegal Wild Draw 4 considered cheating or a bluff?

From the official 2001 Uno rules (emphasis in original), Wild Draw 4 card... You can only play this card when you don't have a card in your hand that matches the color of the card previously played......
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In Exploding Kittens, how do you know that another player got the exploding kitten?

In Exploding Kittens, how do you know that another player got the exploding kitten? I mean what's to say if I draw it I don't reveal it. Is it like "go fish" where you have to trust your ...
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Bananagrams: dumping rules/etiquette. Is it cheating to keep track of dumped tiles?

From the online rules: “At any time during the game, you may call out “DUMP!” and put one of your letters back, facedown in the BUNCH. However, you MUST take three more tiles in exchange!” While it is ...
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Intentionally Not Announcing Triggered Abilities Until Just Before They Would Be Considered Missed

In Magic the Gathering, the Infraction Procedure Guide details what it means for the announcement of a player's triggered ability to be missed, as a function of what category of effect the triggered ...
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Can you change your mind after discarding during Monolith Arena? [duplicate]

In Monolith Arena, the rules state: after the tiles have been drawn, the player must DISCARD ONE OF THE THREE TILES into the discard pile. This is during the player upkeep step, so the sequence of ...
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Can experts roll dice with non-uniform distribution?

Is it possible to roll a fair, n-sided die with a controlled throw such that a particular face is landed on with a probability higher than 1/n? The golden touch craps claims that he can teach you ...
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Does reading strategy guides before a game count as cheating?

We play a board game once a week. Before our last session read a good strategy article for Great Western Trail, followed the strategy suggested there and won by a lot (This wasn't our first time ...
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Is cheating allowed in Munchkin?

I have been disputing with my friends lately about the fact that the creators of Munchkin intended for people to cheat or not. By cheating I mean doing anything the rules say you can't do or that is ...
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What is the best way to deal with cheats? [duplicate]

I play TCGs a lot, and often, the same cheater would challenge me to a duel. I know they are cheating, but I don't have any proof. What is the best way to deal with it? A few examples of the bad ...
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Spoons: is passing your cards w/o looking cheating?

In the game of spoons (aka "pig" or "tongue"), you can simply not look at your cards, passing them on directly, so as to be ready to pick up a spoon at any moment (fixated on the spoons, with your ...
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How do I prevent cheating on my token based card game? [closed]

I have created a card game in which one of the mechanics relies a lot on trust, and would be very easily cheated. The game is played in 5 rounds, and has a total of 15 tokens to spread as you wish ...
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In Catan, how to ensure nobody lies when monopoly card is played?

I don't like that the rules assume players are honest. One time, we had a player that lied about not having the requested resource, but was caught in the next turn when he tried to buy a road with ...
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Cheating with foils and card orientation

Foils are slightly thicker than regular cards, more stiff, and are usually a bit curved. Even with sleeves it's possible to tell if a face down card is foil by looking at it or feeling/bending it a ...
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Is a deck with extra aces more beneficial to a dealer, or a player?

If a deck, being used for BlackJack, contains extra Aces, does the dealer have an advantage, or vice versa. Additionally, do less aces cause an effect on the dealer or players advantage?
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How can I prevent players from cheating on their stats that carry between games?

I have created a card game that allows players to advance. The problem is that you can keep your stats until your next game (with anybody else). For the life of me, I can't find out how to be able to "...
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How many missed triggers are necessary before you begin to have Game Losses and/or DQs?

While reviewing the latest changes to the Magic Infraction Procedure Guide, I notice that a missed trigger is considered a Warning, but that, Judges should not intervene in a missed trigger situation ...
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How can I play games with closed information with players who cheat?

Some would call it cheating. The perpetrators sometimes call it creative play. These players are the kind of people who think it is ok to peek at the bottom card while shuffling a poker deck to give ...
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