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Claustrophobia is an adventure game set within the universe of Hell Dorado. It allows two players to recreate the battles taking place in the underground tunnels below New Jerusalem. One player controls a group of determined Humans, while the other plays an almost unending army of demonic creatures.

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Can you play base-game Claustrophobia scenarios with De Profundis included?

Perhaps stupidly, I bought both Claustrophobia and its De Profundis expansion both at once. After doing so I discovered that the designer has stated the scenarios in the base game are not suitable ...
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Can I play Event Cards before I place Trogs?

Can the card Terror be used before you place Trogs, if you draw the Event Card that turn? It says it can be played during the Threat phase, but when is the Threat Phase in relation to rolling dice, ...
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Can you only buy one extra die with the The Calm Before The Storm destiny square?

On the Board of Destiny for the Demon player, there is a destiny square that allows you to use any die to buy an extra die next turn. Can you only buy only one extra die with this ability, or can you ...
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Demonic Strategies for Claustrophobia

I have recently begun playing Claustrophobia BGG and have found myself playing the human side almost every time. The problem I encounter is - I'm winning. This is not usually a problem for me. But ...
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