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Computer-based versions of board and card games. Computer games that do not fit that description are off-topic here; try instead.

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Best practice for implementing a rating system

I wish to implement a rating system In order to match players with similar strength. My domain is several trick taking card games of either 2 players or 4 players, and the results are Win/Lose/Draw. ...
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Is it true that all computer chess programs can be forced into a three-fold repetition draw?

Disclaimer: I know very little about chess: basically, how to put pieces on the board, how to move them, and how to lose (I'm a pro at this). I have no idea about my Elo rating, but I guess it's in ...
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What is the highest game score theoretically possible in Scrabble using 1 player and the International Scrabble Dictionary?

This is one for simulation and some guesses on the strategy to used e.g. is it best to always get the bonus every turn or do the most combinations even if it doesn't use up all the letters every turn. ...
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Does qGo + GNU Go save or load handicap games incorrectly and how can one work around it [closed]

When I save a 2-stone handicap game with qGo 2.0.0 using GNU Go 3.9.1 as engine and then open it with the same software, the handicap stones are missing. This is quite annoying, as one has to imagine ...
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Is this a correct formal heuristic for invalid moves due to Ko?

In the game of Go, there is the ko rule, which basically states that immediately recapturing a single stone is not a valid move. I am working on a Go computer program and am trying to implement the ...
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Has computer go impacted the discussion about komi?

Komi is the number of points added to White's score in Go in order to compensate for his going second. Some fifty years ago, it was 5 1/2 points; then playing experience showed that it was ...
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Double Deck Solitaire for PC 1989-1992

Looking for the name and information on a solitaire game found in early releases of solitaire for the PC (circa 1989-1991). It used two decks, eight foundation piles and a tableau with maybe 3 rows ...
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AI that plays Quoridor? [closed]

Is there a free program, preferably executable, that allow me to play Quoridor against an AI? There isn't a publicly available one for the Zillions engine, even if it doesn't seem that hard to write ...
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Can I deal just one card at a time in Klondike?

I installed Microsoft's Solitaire Collection, but in Klondike I cannot set any option to deal only one card in every 'turn'. Is it possible somehow? Update: Ian Hutchinson pointed to an important ...
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Computer Scrabble UI & communication protocol?

I've recently gotten into playing Scrabble and I was wondering, what's the deal with Scrabble programs? I come from the world of computer chess where chess engines are distributed independently from ...
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Do physical implementations of single player board games have any advantages over their electronic counterparts?

While multiplayer board games can give you the enjoyment of hanging out with your friends and family, and all the social benefits you reap from those kinds of interactions face to face, instead of ...
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How Can I Identify How To Beat My Computer At Chess? [closed]

This is an embarrassing question to have to ask, but here goes. Recently I've gotten a new Mac laptop which has a chess program on it. I'm not a chess expert by any means: I can beat casual players ...
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What computer games based on Magic: The Gathering are there? [closed]

I've had a ton of fun playing an old version of Shandalar on my PC. The computer opponents are great and I love the card antes and everything, but there's only around 600 cards and the rules are ...
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How can I identify games that would work better on the computer?

What are the things that the electronic version can do to enhance gameplay? Conversely, what could the board game version do to overcome this view? Feel free to use examples if it would help clarify ...
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Scrabble computer version that uses the new dictionary? (OSPD4/OTCWL2)

Is there a version of the computer Scrabble game that uses the new dictionary (not really new anymore, came out in 2006)? I know about ISC, but we're looking for something that my technophobic mother-...
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