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Is "logic connect 4" the official name of this connect 4 variant?

Do you know the real name of this game called "logic connect 4"? I've found this at makerworld which is a 3D print group, but it seems that it's not the real name of the game.
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What's the name of this Connect 4 variant?

I'm being trying to find this variant. It's a variant where, when you have a full column, you can place a disk into that column and push downwards, causing all the disks to go down one row except for ...
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Are solved games worth playing? [closed]

Many simple games, such as Nim or Connect 4 are solved meaning that there is an unbeatable strategy for the person who either starts, or plays second. Despite knowing this - People still play these ...
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Can humans play Connect 4 perfectly?

Is it possible for a human to play Connect 4 perfectly? Have there been such players? I am actually a Connect 4 enthusiast, but find it increasingly hard to memorize so many initial positions. Is it ...
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Connect 4 with 2 slots name?

Alright, so I had this game for a while, it's a connect 4 , but each column has 2 slots. Some pieces, (called "blockers" take up both slots in the column) I'm not sure if I have enough pieces and ...
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How can I become a better Connect Four player?

I am good player at Connect Four and I want to become better. One suggestion I found is: The ideal position is to have two potential connect-fours that need a final checker on two spaces that are ...
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