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Though legal advice shouldn't be sought on Internet forums, this is for questions regarding the legal issues of copyright as they pertain to board and card games.

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I dont stay in the US. Can I create and distribute my own version of Monopoly that is personalized for my city?

I would like to change mostly the names, currency etc and make it relatable to my city here in Africa. Will the US Company sue me for distributing the game in my local town? Also i wanted to ...
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Are the names of guilds in Ravnica protected intellectual property?

I don't see a TM symbol anywhere and some searches of the interwebs reveals nothing but laughing cats... I'm not wanting to infringe, just not step on toes. (Very big, powerful toes)
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2 answers

Can I use Heroscape-style tiles in my own game designs?

I'm in the the very early stages of coming up with a game with some coworkers. I remembered how well the Heroscape tiles locked together. However, I'm not able to find any information regarding ...
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How long does the copyright for a game last, after it is out of print? [closed]

I was digging round trying to see if the copyright for Warhammer Fantasy Quest was still held by Games workshop who stopped producing the game 14 years ago. I don't know how long the copyright would ...
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What is the duration of copyright on a board game map? [closed]

If copyright on a board game map exists, how long will it last? When does the map become public domain? For example, there are plenty of Sokoban maps on-line. Some of them were created by Thinking ...
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What aspects of a game are not protected under copyright?

Certain aspects of a game are protected by copyright, while others are not. You certainly cannot copy the particular expression of the rules, but the mechanics themselves aren't copyrightable. For ...
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