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Questions tagged [crayon-rail-games]

A family of rail-building games where players draw track on the board, use that track to fulfill delivery orders, and use the money they earn to expand their rail system. Games include Empire Builder, EuroRails, Iron Dragon, and several more.

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What can I use as a gateway game for crayon rail games? [closed]

I like the crayon rail games. I've played a lot of Iron Dragon, some EuroRails, and a smattering of others. I'd like to introduce acquaintances who aren't already experienced gamers to them (doing ...
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Can I view rules for Crayon Rail games online?

Where can I find the rules to a given crayon rail game online? I have tried looking on a game page (i.e. EuroRails), but there is no link to the rules there. I did manage to find a link to the ...
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Where can this FAQ be found on an official site?

On this site, there is a list of crayon rail games FAQ and accompanying answers, presumably from Mayfair games. I don't want to doubt the authenticity of that list. Rather, I'd like confirmation ...
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What edition of Empire Builder do I have?

My family has an old edition of Empire Builder by Mayfair games, and the box I have isn't listed on Boardgame Geek's edition list. I found an image of the box on that site. It is pre-fourth edition, ...
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Erasable yet bold crayon for Empire Builder Games (e.g. Eurorails)?

We have kids, so we have lots of types of crayons in the house. Everything from airline freebie to crayola. None of them are very satisfactory for Eurorails (and related games). Either they are too ...
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How to speed up a game of Empire Builder?

Are there any rules variants that I can use to speed up a game of Empire Builder? I love playing Empire Builder, but the fact that it takes so long tends to put off some of my friends.
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