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Cripple Mr Onion was originally a fictional card game played in Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series of books. It involves 8 suits of 13 cards each (with the suits being paired to one another), hands of 10 cards each (without replacement), and elements of blackjack and poker. 2-7 people may play. Synonym suggestion: Cripple Mister Onion

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How do you calculate hand probabilities for 10 cards per hand (8 suits); e.g.: Cripple Mr Onion?

Cripple Mr Onion is a card game that involves 8 suits (104 cards in toto), with 2-7 players being dealt 10 cards each (without replacement). I've tried several different websites for hypergeometric ...
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What is the best tournament format for Cripple Mr Onion?

I'm planning to run a Cripple Mr Onion tournament (the gambling variant of the game, but not for money), but I have never run a tournament before. How should I structure this tournament? What do I, ...
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