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Questions tagged [custom-game-pieces]

Questions about how to create or use customized game pieces for existing games or for developing new games. This includes replacing the existing pieces with better ones, or implementing an existing mechanic using different materials - such as replacing a scoring track with individual victory-point pieces.

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In {American, Bios} Megafauna, how can we improve showing who has what traits?

In American Megafauna and its newer version Bios Megafauna, each of up to four players has up to four species in play. Each species has several traits, and some traits can be multiplied (values up to ...
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Color Plastic Sheeps As Game Pawns

For years I've been trying to remember what game was this I played as a kid mid-1980's. It had a huge board and within the board there was a road. The board tiles were drawn stone-like. There were ...
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2 votes
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How to glue to cardboard without warping or curling

I enjoy designing board games but have very little budget for it. I usually begin with plain paper as I create the first prototype. It is hard to use flimsy paper for a board game board and I want ...
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Are there quality custom boardgame card printers?

I'm designing a custom boardgame and am looking to get a few stacks of custom cards printed. I'm looking for a high quality card printing service but a little worried about simply using Google to ...
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In modern Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG PSCT, how are effects ordered?

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards often have several effects (and other sentences) in their card texts. For example, Amazoness Onslaught and Toy Magician each have three effects... Once per turn, during the Battle ...
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