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An expansion for Dominion built around the theme of going on an epic quest

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Question about Warrior mechanics

The instructions for the warrior state: For each Traveller you have in play (including this) each other player discards the top card of his deck and trashes it if it costs $3 or $4. So let's ...
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Dominion: Can travellers (Peasant, Page) be Upgraded or Trade Routed?

The upgrades of Peasant and Page (Soldier, Fugitive, Disciple etc) are not in the supply. But can they still be trashed by Trade Route, or can they be upgraded by Upgrade? For example, a Disciple has ...
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In Dominion: Adventures, does the discarded Traveller have to be in hand, or can it have been played?

I've read the instructions three times, and I can't understand whether the Traveller card being discarded can have been played that turn, then discarded in the clean up phase, or whether it should ...
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Are treasure cards spent by Storyteller still in play?

I played a game tonight with Storyteller and Alms. Storyteller says: +1 Action +1 Coin Play up to 3 Treasures from your hand. Pay all your coin; +1 Card per coin paid. Alms is an event ...
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Where do trashed Travellers go?

In Dominion Adventures, when you trash one of the Traveller cards, where does that Traveller go? The rules seems to imply the Trash pile. However, since there are only 5 of each pile, I was ...
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dominion adventures, using tokens on duration piles

If a token from Dominion Adventures is placed on a duration pile, is the token applied only when you initially play (lay down) the duration card or both when you lay it down AND when you play the ...