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The 6th Dominion installment, Cornucopia is a small expansion themed around variety.

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Cornucopia: Can Horn of Plenty be used together with normal treasure cards?

I recently bought Dominion: Cornucopia and we played our first game yesterday. Something that confused me was the Horn of Plenty card which has a treasure value equal to the number of different card ...
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Prosperity - Cornucopia card set

Normally the game rule book provides balanced setup to play with different extensions. We just bought Cornucopia, but the French rule book did not provided a setup to play with Prosperity. We would ...
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7 votes
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What should I consider when selecting a Prize to take with my Tournament?

Straight forward really: What are the strengths and weaknesses of each Prize? What play styles do they complement well? Also, apart from the obvious (late in the game), when should I take a Duchy ...
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How does Jester interact with the Knights?

Each of the Knights has a different name. If someone reveals a Knight when I play a Jester, can I gain a Knight, or do I gain nothing since there isn't a second Dame Anne (or whomever) available in ...
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