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Hinterlands is an expansion for Dominion built around the theme of cards that do something when they are bought or gained.

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Dominion Hinterlands 2nd Edition Update Pack

Can I play Dominion Hinterlands 2nd Edition Update Pack without the original hinterlands expansion pack? I know I need the full version of dominion for any of the expansions (and have that!)
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Dominion: If a second supply pile is emptied while I am discarding for the Poacher, will I need to discard another card?

Suppose that I have a single empty supply pile. If I play Poacher, I will have to discard a card from my hand. If I discard a Tunnel, I can reveal it to gain a gold. Question: If I do so and thereby ...
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How to beat Ill-Gotten Gains?

I find Ill-Gotten Gains in Dominion Hinterland to be such a clogger, with all the curses and coppers it generates. How can I beat a player who keep getting the Ill-Gotten Gains when there are no ...
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Can I play Dominion: Hinterlands by itself?

The clerk at the game shop assured me I could play Hinterlands Dominion by itself. Alas, everywhere online claims a standalone version of Dominion is required. Is there anyway to play Hinterland ...
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When to discard with Oasis

When do you discard? Immediately after drawing, and before playing more actions? Or can you start/continue a chain of actions, which might include drawing more cards, and then discard after? I ...
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When you use Chancellor to discard your deck, do you gain a gold for each Tunnel discarded?

When you play Chancellor and choose to move your discard pile into your deck, do you gain a Gold for each Tunnel moved into your discard pile? From the wording of Chancellor, I would assume no ...
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Can you gain a Silver with Trader if the original supply pile was empty?

We had a game with the following relevant cards: Trader and Witch. We're several turns into the game and the Curse pile has emptied. I have a Trader in my hand, and it's Barry's turn. Barry plays ...
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What happens when playing a single Treasure Map?

I'm wondering if I can play a Scheme Card and then a Treasure Map and put the Treasure Map back on top of my deck at clean up. But I can only put the Treasure Map back on top if it's in play and not ...
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