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How does a double tile in muggins count?

In a game of muggins, do you count a double 5 as 10 or just 5? Since some people have been saying that a double 5 you only count one side. From my knowledge you count both sides of the domino; for ...
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Term for a "connected" set of tiles in grid based games

This is a terminology/nomenclature question in the context of grid based games, specifically the game of Pentomino. I'm not a native English speaker, so I feel like I would easily miss something. In ...
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Mexican Train Dominoes. During opening moves, can the following players start their trains if player 1 has left a double domino open?

The event On your first move, you start your train as a series of dominoes ending in a double domino that you leave "unsatisfied", even after having drawn from the domino pool. The question ...
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Mexican Train Dominoes. Can you start the «Mexican Train» as part of your first move?

The rule When you play your first move as a series of dominoes ending in a double domino, and you don't have one of the dominoes required to «satisfy» the double, you are required to play another ...
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Identify this dominos game

I played a game with a friend a few years ago and I can't remember what we called it. The game used a pack of dominos however you placed them around a central card. I believe it was a hexagon and ...
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Which domino is heavier?

I purchased a set of double-six dominoes. It has a manual which points to the heaviness of the dominoes. It says that a double-six is the heaviest domino and the double blank is the lightest. The same ...
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Value of the double-blank domino?

In the standard Draw Dominoes, is the double-blank domino, if in hand at the end of a round, counted as zero or 14 points?