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A collectible card game based on the Dragon Ball Z anime. There are two editions: 2000 and 2014, both of which are compatible with each other.

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Play set folders too small

I play the Dragon Ball Super TCG and collect play-sets of every card. these cards are standard size. In the earlier sets I could easily fit this in to one Ultimate Guard Quadrow folder but the sets ...
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Value of dragon ball Z card [closed]

I would like to sell my DBZ cards but I don't have any idea of the value of each one. Could you please tell me a little bit more about the value of each card please?
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Dragon Ball Z TCCG (old style before GT came out) collectors sales costs

I have have a collections of many dragon ball z tccg cards since they started to come out. I have them in a collection as well as personally played with ones (collection ones aren't played with). I ...
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Where can I find the value of cards from the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game?

I've got a bunch of old Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards from 2000-2004 that I'm trying to find values of, but I can't seem to find anywhere that gives me prices for any of these old cards. Is there ...
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