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Dungeon Lords is a worker-placement game by Vlaada Chvatil. In each of two "years," the players will build a dungeon, stocking it with traps and monsters. Then they'll defend it from interloping adventurers.

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Why does the Happy Anniversary box come with two evil counters for every player?

The back of the box lists the four player-colored cubes as "evil counters". I don't see four more elsewhere. Is it just a mistake that the box comes with twice as many as needed? Or are they ...
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Does "Stink Bomb" damage the Paladin when he is the first hero?

Can the Paladin get damage from the Trap card "Stink Bomb" if he is the first hero when activating the Trap? I don’t have the exact card text, but from my memory (translated from the German edition) ...
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Can the Paladin be summoned mid battle?

In Dungeon Lords, there is a spell that forces you to pay your monster(s) cost or withdraw it from combat. If you have a vampire and are just below the evil-o-meter level needed for the paladin to ...
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Can Demons "eat" ghosts?

I'm reasonably sure the answer is no, but at Monster Payday I (or when hiring) can you sacrifice a ghost to the demon? Or not, since it's not a monster, and the icon is a monster icon and ghosts aren'...
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Does the Paladin count as an adventurer for the purposes of the Magic Key spell?

Do Paladins count as Adventurers? Year one, I kill the Paladin, and no adventurers. Year two, the first spell is Magic Key (a slow spell): Discard one of your imprisoned adventurers (if you have ...
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Dungeon Lords Questions - Really Hard!

Dungeon Lords (amazing game!) has a free-to-download "Minions Bearing Gifts" expansion at its website. However, the expansion is only recommended for expert players of the game, and to give an ...
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