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Questions tagged [dungeon-run]

Dungeon Run is a competitive board game where players select a character, then slay the denizens of the dungeon and get out with as much treasure as possible. Players can cooperate, but only one person can win in the end!

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3 votes
1 answer

Does Paelleall's Wrath of the Volcano ability affect Heroes on her tile and the Entrance Tile?

Paelleall's Summoner Ability reads (emphasis mine): Wrath of the Volcano At the beginning of your turn, choose the shortest path from your current tile to the Dungeon Entrance tile. All other heroes ...
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6 votes
2 answers

In Dungeon Run, is there ever a reason to assist another player if you have full health?

In Dungeon Run, when another player is on your tile, you can assist them. If you do, you are allowed to rally which means to remove a single damage from your character. Since any other player will ...
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