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Questions tagged [empires-in-arms]

Empires in Arms is a Napoleonic wargame covering 1805-1815. Each player takes control of one of 7 countries: France, Great Britain, Russia, Austria, Prussia, Turkey and Spain.

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Determining Naval Interceptions

I have a complicated situation involving four major powers. The below chart will summarize their relations. Both sets of allies are using simultaneous movement. France Russia Spain ...
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Do opposing forces immediately fight upon a Declaration of War?

For this question, Russia and Prussia start at peace. The sequence of events is: Month 1 Prussia declares war on Mecklenburg Russia gains control of Mecklenburg - Russia does not DOW Prussia in ...
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What are the rules differences in Empires in Arms?

The only version of Empires in Arms that I have ever seen is from 1986 by Avalon Hill. The game was originally released by the Australian Design Group in 1983. I've often seen comments that Avalon ...
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