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A time to play board or convention games, such as a tournament, convention, of other designated game day.

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When will Arena's Workshop: Uncharted Paths be held?

In MTG Arena: State of the Game — February 2020, Wizards introduced a three-part workshop series: Power and Glory, Heroes of Theros, and Uncharted Paths. I see on the Arena events calendar that Power ...
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Revealing an effect of a card after player makes their choice

I'm working on designing a money management board game that features different event cards where players must make choices. The trouble I'm having is that I can't figure out how to reveal the effect ...
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When is International Tabletop Day?

I have heard of "International Tabletop Day" being a celebration of board games and roleplaying games, and that some stores have events for it. When is that? Also, do previous dates provide any clues ...
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