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Exodus is an expansion to the roleplaying deduction game Battlestar Galactica.

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What to do when all basestars are in the Cylon Fleet board?

The last time my group played BSG Board Game, we faced the following situation: A player took a Crisis Card that activated Basestar Attack. But, at that turn, all the basestars were at the Cylon ...
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Allies Cards in Sickbay/Brig

Last weekend my group played Battlestar Galactica's Exodus Expansion using the Ionian Nebula option. In a determined moment of the game, an Ally Card was located at the Sickbay (it was Simon O'Neill, ...
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9 votes
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Is it possible for a 6-player game of BSG + Exodus to only ever have one Cylon?

The revised rules for preparing the Loyalty deck when using the "Exodus" expansion say that in a 6-player game, we should build a deck with an additional "You are not a Cylon" card (compared to the ...
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Does Consult The Prisoner move jump track again, after an auto-jump?

Here's the scenario: The fleet is one away from auto-jumping, i.e. at the -1 location on the jump track Consult The Prisoner is drawn during the Crisis step Current Player chooses to attempt the ...
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Political Prowess someone else's activation?

In Battlestar Galactica, there is a card (Political Prowess) whose text reads thusly: Play before making a skill check triggered by a location. Do not make the skill check; instead, it ...
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"Best of the Best" and Heavy Raiders?

There is a card in the Battlestar Galactica: Exodus expansion called "Best of the Best". It says: Play before a piloted viper makes an attack. Instead of rolling the attack, roll the die and ...
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