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A card game where the rules change as you play, and there isn't a goal until someone plays one. The goal changes just as often as the rules do, but most goals revolve around collecting particular "Keepers."

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19 votes
4 answers

What are the differences between the Fluxx games?

I currently have Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx, and I've noticed there are some differences: obviously, Zombie Fluxx is more centered around creepers. Zombie Fluxx is considerably less random. Less crazy ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Fluxx - When should I carry out actions / use keepers?

At the start of a turn before drawing cards? Or at the end? (Zombie Fluxx in this case, but common to all variants of Fluxx I think?)
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5 votes
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Fluxx - What counts as a 'play'?

When the current rules in play are along the lines of 'Play 4', does that include any cards you have already played as the result of other actions / playing your Keepers, or do they have to be fresh ...
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Flexibility of number of players in Fluxx

I've played Fluxx in groups from 2 through 10; Zombie Fluxx seems to work even better at the ends of that range. from here The boxes of all the Fluxx games say 2-6 players, but how well do the ...
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