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Freecell seed that solve itself

As a follow-up to this question: Is there any configuration of Free Cell that cannot be solved?, is there a FreeCell seed that solves itself? (with the auto card-stack built-in in the game) I know ...
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Is there a reliable free cell solver?

I am trying to find a solution to game 9371310 and the online solver at instructions try to use 6 free cells when only 4 exist. Here is where the instructions go ...
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Is there a solution to this freecell game, shown below?

Encoding: 4D AH TS 3S 5C 4C KD 3C 5H TC 5D TD JD 2C 7H 6D AC 5S 7D 2S 2H 4H 9S AD 9H 9D QC 7C 6C 3D QH 8S 3H KH QS 8C 2D 4S 9C KS 6S 7S 6H 8H 8D JS JC QD KC TH AS JH
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Freecell: How many cells are used in one "supermove" [duplicate]

A supermove in Freecell is when you move more than one card at the same time and automatically takes into account any free cells and free columns you have in order to maximise the number you can move. ...
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Solitaire game with all cards up in 5 rows of 10 cards each?

What is this game? The rules are: Goal - To create four "foundations" from all the cards. Foundations - Build up in suit from Ace to King. Initial Tableau - 50 cards in 5 rows of 10 each and two ...
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How to solve Free Cell games fast? (in under 2 min)

In freecell, I make the same number of moves as the best player, but she wins the game in a 1.5 minutes while I need 5.5 minutes. Is there a trick to play fast?
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FreeCell: How many cards can be moved at once?

I'm working on a FreeCell implementation and I'm currently stuck determining how many cards the user is allowed to move from tableau to tableau at once. I've seen multiple formulas for this, but no ...
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Free Cell dichotomy

Is it possible to solve the free cell game 3267279 I would appreciate it if anyone can let me know if it is possible as it is driving me nuts MC
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Freecell puzzle unsolvable?

I think this freecell puzzle (739671 on Odesys) has no solution but not 100% sure. Using this solver could not solve it. Is there a better solver, or does this really have no solution? This is the ...
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Is there a solution to this freecell game?

Does a solution exist, see attached image?
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Is there any configuration of Free Cell that cannot be solved?

When I have free time in small durations, I often play Free Cell on my phone. The app that I use permits unlimited undos, and because of this I currently have a run of 603 wins, with 655 total wins ...
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