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Galaxy Trucker is a tile-based game where you haul cargoes across space, through dangerous roads. You start with a stock ship, but expand it during the time-limited building phase by grabbing ship-expansion tiles with limited connectivity and sticking them onto your ship wherever you can fit them.

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What are the differences between the 1st and 2nd editions of Galaxy Trucker?

What are the differences between the two editions of galaxy trucker and are the expansions compatible with either version?
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How to hook beginners on galaxy trucker by giving them an extra turbulent round one

I want all my friends to love Galaxy Trucker as much as I do. Unfortunately if not enough pieces fall off your ship, the game isn't as fun. Then people don't want to play again. This is quite common ...
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If I lose my central tile, do I lose the round?

I was playing a game of Galaxy Trucker the other day when one of the players took a small meteor to his exposed central tile. He had a number of other occupied crew pods, but I was under the ...
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How effective is a shield component during the first round?

I was looking over the Adventure cards for Round I of Galaxy Trucker. Adventure Cards 4x Open Space (move forward X engine power) 4x Abandon Ship -1 Day,(-2 Astro:$3, -3 Astro:$4, 5 Astro:YG, 6 ...
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When should I avoid a small ship strategy?

I thought I should break this question out from the other related question, which direction should I build a small ship? When should I avoid a small ship strategy? Which events would make a small ...
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If I am going to build a small ship, which direction should I build toward?

The center of your spaceship board is on the '7's in all four directions. Since the odds of rolling a certain number increases as that number approaches 7, it seems reasonable to build toward one side ...
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