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Questions tagged [game-accessories]

Refers to objects outside of a game that can help with game play, maintenance, storage, or creation.

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How many Dragon Shield perfect fit sealable double sleeved cards can fit in a Boulder 100+ Deck Case?

I've been using a Quiver Card Case and I've been looking for a deck box that fits inside while holding my double sleeved cards. I'm considering purchasing a Ultimate Guard Boulder 100+ Deck Case to ...
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What is the quickest way to setup Dune: Imperium from DireWolf playing single, double or more players?

I recently purchased Dune: Imperium to play with my family over Christmas. What is the quickest way to setup the board game for single player or multiple players? Is there a cheat sheet that ...
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What is the art depicted on the Magic 6th Edition paper playmats?

In the 6th edition Starter Set, the guided game comes with two color-coded playmats. You can also find (very blurry) screencaps below, and in this instructional video. (I've linked it to the ...
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How can one use the "Guest Option" in Rankade?

Just discovered Rankade (in a comment here somewhere) and still learning the ropes... I've read about the Guest option in the FAQ but can't find a way to add one to a match... Is it a particular type ...
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Is there custom boardgame leaderboard online? [closed]

Let me quickly set up a scenario: Me and my cousins all play 7 Wonders. We want to keep track of who is the last person that won and how many wins/losses we each have. Is there a current online ...
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Is there a website where I can play against AI in the board game Abalone? [closed]

I'm looking for something like this except online and with AI I can play against. If it's free, that's even better.
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When to use card sleeves for a board game?

Card sleeves are probably be a no-brainer for board game collectors who want to keep their games in pristine condition for as long as possible, or for CCGs where an individual card may be very ...
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Power Grid - Simpler Resource Grid

I've heard that there is a printable chart for Power Grid somewhere online, possibly BGG. Said chart breaks down the players & steps into individual cards that are more convenient than the bulky ...
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2 answers

Do card sleeves contain BPA?

Does anyone know if card sleeves commonly contain Bisphenol A (BPA)? And if so, which brands do, and which are BPA free? I would prefer to use BPA-free sleeves if possible. I have not had any luck ...
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How slippery are the Fantasy Flight Sleeves?

I want to protect my Arkham Horror game cards with sleeves, but I have had bad experiences with sleeves which are too slippery. With tall decks, the sleeves produce decks that are not stable enough. ...
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2 answers

Dice with an average roll of zero?

Are there dice that have both positive and negative numbers, where the average result is zero? I'm imagining a die labeled something like: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2. I feel like I've seen dice like this, ...
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Design for board to put on table to make it bigger? [closed]

I've got a reasonably big coffee table that we use for playing board games, but having played Arkham Horror on it It's starting to feel a little cramped. I thought It might be a good idea to get a ...
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2 answers

Formal Format for Documenting the Game Design Process

Is there a formal format for documenting the game design process? Before you answer with "The Game Design Document (GDD), of course!", in my opinion (and lots of people's opinions as well, I think) a ...
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Erasable yet bold crayon for Empire Builder Games (e.g. Eurorails)?

We have kids, so we have lots of types of crayons in the house. Everything from airline freebie to crayola. None of them are very satisfactory for Eurorails (and related games). Either they are too ...
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2 answers

Where can I find protective sleeves for my Dixit cards?

I'm afraid my Dixit cards will get worn or marked over time. I want players to be able to manipulate them without being afraid of ruining them. Where can I find protective sleeves for my Dixit cards?
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14 answers

What's the fastest way to print a card game prototype?

My goal is to minimize the amount of time I have to spend, with a budget of about $40. Also, I'm absolutely terrible at using scissors and glue.
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How can I play Arkham Horror remotely?

Having recently moved quite a long distance away from a friend who owns Arkham Horror, we have decided to continue playing games via telepresence (supplied by google+ hangouts). My first go at ...
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28 votes
10 answers

What is the best way to print cards for my game?

I want to print cards for my game, without using a commercially-available site. Basically, I'm looking for materials I could find in a store. How do I make these cards in a work- and price-efficient ...
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Is there an API to find Warhammer 40K model pictures by name?

I'm writing a roster editor and it would be very helpful if there's something like Magic the Gathering's Gatherer but for Warhammer 40,000 models. Something like:
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8 answers

On-Demand Cards Deck printing service?

I'm designing a card-based rpg game and I'm looking for an equivalent to but for printing online cards on demand. The card would be either playing cards like Magic or similar, or ...
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7 answers

Advice on acquiring / constructing Dice Towers

A dice tower is a useful tool for keeping your dice from ruining your game (physically, that is). Can anyone point to: - Good dice towers, and possibly places to acquire them. or - Resources of ...
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10 votes
2 answers

If I wanted to buy a card protector for every card in Arkham Horror (and expansions), how many would I need of each type?

I've been considering purchasing a whack of Fantasy Flight Supply board game sleeves for my Arkham Horror game and expansions. Does anyone know how many of each type of sleeve I would need to ...
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Please recommend a good shuffling machine

The shuffling question What is a safe and accurate technique for shuffling cards? reminded me of a recent game of Munchkin with many expansions that taxed our shuffling endurance to the limit. My ...
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3 answers

What factors should I consider when choosing card sleeves?

There seem to be a lot of options when it comes to card sleeves. What factors do I need to consider about different sizes, materials, and quality of sleeves when deciding which to purchase? How much ...
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2 answers

Card shuffler for many sizes

A simple search for Card Shuffler on google will list loads of them, does anyone have experience with one that can be used for multiple card sizes? I'm looking for something that can preferably ...
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What's a good table-topping material for tile-based games?

On my polished wood table any disturbance (and I have kids, so you can imagine the disturbances...) can shift tiles around, which I then feel compelled to try to adjust to be flush with those around ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Restoring worn-out deck of cards.

Many board games have a special deck of cards and over time get worn out. When they start to get worn out, they get "sticky" and difficult to shuffle. Is there a way or a product that can be applied ...
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7 answers

Multiplayer timer for board games

I'm interested to know if there exists something like a chess timer, but for an arbitrary number of players. I would like to use this for games such as Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan, where each ...
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What is the Best Random Card Setup Tool? [closed]

In this question I received two different recommendations for iPhone specific apps to assist with Dominion setups. My group uses a third (non iPhone specific). Which is the best, and why? Please, ...
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