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The process of designing a game to be played, such as the creation of the game mechanics and theme and the associated rules, board, map, cards, tokens and/or other playing implements. Also includes the process of play testing early versions of the game to refine and improve these elements.

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Write custom symbols in text

My game use boxes □ that are marked with one or more line depending on how many times they are used. They can be marked up to 3 times, first with a single line like 〼, then ☒, finally a third ...
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How to balance Projex?

Projex is like Hex, in that it is connection based. It is played on a board that looks like the following h i A B g . . . C f . . . . D e . . . . . E d . . . . F c . . . G b ...
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How to design a Ticket to Ride fan expansion?

I want to design a unofficial map for ticket to ride. Is there a known formula how to create one, basic ground rules on what makes a playable board? How many cities is playable? What percentage of ...
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What is the maximum number of columns and rows of cards a 2-player physical TCG layout could reasonably have?

Some TCGs have layouts of pre-defined slots in which cards are placed during gameplay. Others do not (but may or may not have limits on the number of cards which may be in play simultaneously). This ...
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