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Questions about the business, legal, and packaging aspects of making a new game.

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Where I can buy good resources to build games? [closed]

Where I can buy boards, cards, dice, fake money, figures, and any sort of pieces? It would be nice if the store sells on the internet. Another good reason is to buy replacements for damaged or lost ...
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Where to go to self publish a game? [closed]

I am interested in a commercial printing company to print my game. I need a US-company where I can print the entirety of my game and have it assembled already when shipped. So far I found: The ...
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Board game boxes

It seems like most commercial board games come in the same kinds of boxes. Where can you buy such boxes (without labels already on them)?
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Can I create my own version of Monopoly and distribute it ?

Can I create my own version of Monopoly and distribute it online or physically ? I see that there were patents filed in 1923 . Can I create an improvement on the existing game and sell it online ? ...
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What set of attributes can be used to describe, compare and contrast various board games? [closed]

A recent question about a good mix of board games got me thinking about how one could even objectively define "a good mix". My idea is to try and define a set of attributes that could describe, ...
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What is the duration of copyright on a board game map? [closed]

If copyright on a board game map exists, how long will it last? When does the map become public domain? For example, there are plenty of Sokoban maps on-line. Some of them were created by Thinking ...
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Where can I find a printer for a budget game board?

I'm trying to get a board printed for a game I'm making. Are there any companies/websites that can provide this service relatively cheaply? Ideally, each board would cost $5 or less. The material ...
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