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For questions about the fictional world behind a game, as opposed to rule and strategy questions.

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What, if any, is the significance of using cube-shaped tokens for the Institute in Red Rising?

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the game Red Rising and also found out that it was a novel series. The game pieces make plenty of sense to me--the helium looks like little crystals, consistent ...
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Are in-universe Magic characters aware of colors?

There are 5 colors in Magic and many characters are associated with one or more of these colors. The colors thematically represent aspects, but are the characters aware of the existence of these ...
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What's the golgari stance on an "earth god" like Gaia?

From my understanding of Golgari philosophy Gaia would at least not be a problem/conflict. But in fact be a great symbol for what they believe in in the first place. Reasoning: Things living and dying ...
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What story does "Love Letter" tell?

I heard about the game Love Letter from some board game blogs. I have read its rules, although I haven't really started playing it yet. It is a very interesting game indeed. But what puzzles me is: ...
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What does the "Ice" word means in terms of Netrunner's Lore?

Why defending programs in the game of Android Netrunner are called Ice? Is it an acronym? Or something else?
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Could I use gryph-chargers for my Warhammer 40k space marines? And would they fit?

When creating a custom space marine chapter i wanted to make something that was a little unique visually. Right now it doesn't really have anything that stands out so I decided to add a fast attack/...
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Who or what is Gaea?

What (if anything) is Gaea in the MTG universe? I can piece together that she is mainly on Dominaria. Clearly named after the real-life mythical Greek figure. But is she a powerful mage? A ...
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What are artifact creatures in Magic lore?

In terms of flavor/lore, what is an artifact creatures in Magic? How are they made and how do they run? Is it different on different planes, in different sets, or for different creature types? I ...
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Whose shadow is in the background of Mox Amber?

The Dominaria printing of Mox Amber has a person's shadow on the right side of the art. It looks like the person has either a helmet or horns. They are the wrong shape for Nicol Bolas. Is this the ...
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Lore: Teferi's second staff and memory crystal?

My question is What happened to Teferi's second staff? (and is the crystal in it Memory Crystal?) To clarify my question I will be using some card art. However, the answer to this question likely lies ...
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Should Commander Farsight's crisis suit be blue instead of red?

In the Warhammer 40k novel Crisis of Faith by Phil Kelly, O'Shoh (aka Commander Farsight), the main character, is asked why he painted his battlesuit red. He replies, "It is to honour the Arkunashan ...
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How much land does a land card represent?

Thematically, how much land is a single land card supposed to represent? (It's for a story where the Magic: The Gathering card game is going to become kind of-sort of real through ignorance and ...
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Does the MtG lore have an official explanation for banned cards?

(Specifically, those other than: ante cards, un-cards, Shahrazad.) I remember reading someone speculating that knowledge of how to cast them was mostly lost, with those who still know generally ...
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Where can I find the story of Magic the Gathering?

I have been playing MTG for a few months now and was told that there is a story behind each set of cards. I have several small bits of the story that came with the decks, but I would like to read the ...
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