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A board game by the Milton Bradley Company where players simulate a journey through their life

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The Game of Life action cards that require a house but you don’t own one [duplicate]

We just bought the Game of Life 2021 version. I never landed on a house space to be able to buy one but my action cards I drew required me to pay for repairs. No where in the instructions for set up ...
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2 answers

What if I don't own a house in Life and land on a pay square

The rules in my game say I don't need to buy a house. So what happens in the game if my house is destroyed per the board? Playing the other night I landed on two squares that we treated differently. ...
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Where can I find the rules for Game of Life 1991 UK version?

I have the Game of Life board game and lost the instructions. I found the 1977 & 1991 instructions online but they are not the same as my version. On the box there is that mine is of 1992 but ...
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Can't understand the end of Game of Life

Game of Life I can't really understand the ending of this game. How do I become Bankrupt or become a Millionaire? Also, should I buy stock and insurance? Tragedies happens very infrequently and these ...
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