Questions tagged [game-setup]

For questions about general procedures for setting up or preparing to play games. This tag should be used for questions are either about game setup in general (ex. "how do I speed up this particular aspect of setup common to a number of games?)" or it should be combined with the tag of a particular game.

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18 votes
7 answers

What is the Best Random Card Setup Tool? [closed]

In this question I received two different recommendations for iPhone specific apps to assist with Dominion setups. My group uses a third (non iPhone specific). Which is the best, and why? Please, ...
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38 votes
23 answers

Do non-random alternative methods of choosing a starting player actually WORK, and if so which?

So I've been noticing that there's a vogue in gaming recently for the starting player to be chosen by some method other than simple lot. I'm wondering if this is a good fashion, or if it's just ...