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Guillotine (2-5 players, 30 minutes) is a lighthearted game based on The Terror of the French Revolution. Players fill the role of rival executioners, competing to collect the heads of the most prestigious among the nobles and bourgeoisie.

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Can you use an action card to kill 'Master Spy'? [duplicate]

In Guillotine the “Master Spy” card states: After each action card is played, move this card to end of the line. Is it possible to actually kill the Master Spy, by playing an action card that moves ...
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Guillotine: Action cards on the field

Small arguement for the game Guillotine. In the instructions it states that at the end of the day you keep all action cards in hand, and you keep all nobles in your play area. The question now, is do ...
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Guillotine: Swapping hands and drawing cards - evil move!

My question is about the game Guillotine, and has two (somewhat related) parts: 1a) If you forget to draw an action card at the end of your turn, can you do so after the next person has started his/...
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In Guillotine, do Noble abilities work from the score area?

The card Clerical Error has the text: Choose a player. Collect any noble of your choice from that player's score pile. That player then chooses any other noble from your score pile and collects it. ...
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Confusion in Line and the Master Spy

The question In Guillotine, the Confusion in Line -action card says: Choose a player. Randomly rearrange the line just before that player collects his or her next noble The Master Spy card says:...
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Late Arrival: What to do with the other two cards? (Guillotine)

The "Late Arrival" card tells to look at the top 3 cards, and add one of them to the end of the line. What should one do with the other two cards?
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Clarification on "After You..." card text

In Guillotine the "After You..." card states "Put the noble at the front of the line into another player's score pile." Is the card put into the other players score pile the executed noble for this ...
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Can a player collect nobles after a day ends in Guillotine? [duplicate]

I was playing the game with two friends and there were just two cards left on the second day, when my friend decided to use the [Escape!] card which allowed him to Randomize and discard 2 cards. ...
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Rival Executioner draws Robespierre...does this end the day?

The Rival Executioner card requires that, upon his execution, you take the noble from the top of the deck and "collect" it. My friend drew Robespierre, who, when collected, ends the day. We didn't ...
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Can you play 'After You' when Callous Guards is in play?

The "Callous Guards" card states: Put this card in front of you. Action cards that alter the line may not be played. (This includes adding or discarding nobles.) You may discard this card at any ...
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Guillotine: Face up or visible?

In Guillotine, the rules state that the cards should be "face up". But is it ok to stack the nobles on top of each other into piles? Technically, they are still face up, but the points are not visible....
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Do you still collect a noble if the day ends?

If there is one noble left in line and you play "fled to England" to discard it (thus, ending the day) do you collect a noble from the new day?
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How do you play the Master Spy in Guillotine?

Guillotine is a fun, quick, bloodthirsty little card game that would grace any group's collection. It is very simple, which is just as well, as the rulebook errs on the side of vagueness. There is ...
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