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Questions tagged [house-rules]

Rule changes, additions and options proposed by players for players. This is not for officially sanctioned variations - use the [variants] tag instead.

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In Faro how do players indicate/remember their call of the last three cards ("Calling the Turn")

I've been trying to learn how to deal Faro. Online sources such as Wikipedia and Wizard of Odds mention that when three cards remain players can 'call the turn' stating the order they think the final ...
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Would A "Dual Capital" (house) rule make sense in Axis and Allies Pacific?

The gamemaker "opened the gates" to this question by allowing China to collect income and build units without a capital (or for that matter, and industrial complex). This is kind of an exception to ...
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Informal history of Crazy Rummy and/or Frustration?

It's my understanding that Gin Rummy was 'codified' in 1909 and that Rummy games in general are thought to be 'descended' from Conquian. And I realize that minor variants tend to be more of a 'house ...
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In Split, should one cross out 200

On the Split scorecard, the last box in each row is worth 200 points. The rules say that in scoring you should cross off the next available box, but don't go out of their way to point out that a 6th ...
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Increasing engagement in Crack the Case

I thorougly enjoy playing the Milton Bradley game Crack the Case with friends. For smaller groups (up to 5 people), I find that without teams or keeping track of time or points is already more fun ...
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In The London Board Game, can you put a block on the main red stations?

The London Board Game allows each player to initially close two stations each, and these stations can be changed during the course of play. The rules I have don’t specifically preclude the ...
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Grand Tour USA (Helvetiq): How can you travel to Hawaii and Alaska?

Players can typically move by passing through bordering states following correctly answering a question. Although there are chance cards which allow for travel via oceans, they seem too infrequent to ...
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Tri-Ominoes: Is the -5 points per drawn tile rule necessary?

I have the 1997 edition of Tri-Ominoes. Beside the per tile and bridge/hex scoring, there are three kinds of scoring relating to getting rid of tiles quickly. First to get rid of all their tiles ...
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