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Refers to a type of playing piece (plastic pyramids in several colors and three sizes) and the family of games designed to use those pieces, such as Zendo.

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1 answer

What are pyramid games?

I wondered if someone could explain what properties define "pyramid games"? Someone suggested that I have a look at but it's not clear to me from that site what are the the things ...
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What variables should a Zendo game contain if it's being played with new players?

The game Zendo is an icehouse game of inductive logic. There are many different variables possible in the game (size, shape, orientation, pointing, etc...). One way of limiting rule difficulty is to ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Hello World game for many game systems

Ron Hale-Evans mused about creating a benchmark game that could be ported to many different game systems as a design exercise. Do you think that would be a useful tool, and can you suggest a game that ...
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What well designed Icehouse games are available for two people? [closed]

Recently the Icehouse game system has caught my eye. I've looked through a ton of rules on the Icehouse Wiki but haven't found any really engaging game for two players. What well designed Icehouse ...
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