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Use this tag to identify any piece of a game, either board game or a model for a miniature game (e.g. Warhammer 40k, Warmachine etc).

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Identify a pre-8th edition black creature card [closed]

I'm looking for a Magic The Gathering card that was very sought for back in high school. It was certainly not later than 8th edition era, black colored creature. I remember the art was something ...
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6 / 8 / 10 / 12 Sided Dice Identification

dice Any help with what these dice might go to? Can't find them in the dice ID questions here or anywhere online. The 16 six sided dice show most of the symbols found on these dice. The 3 larger six ...
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Can anyone identify this die with an 'a', a cheese wedge, a movie camera, a G-clef, a coffee cup and a moustache?

We have a random die, probably from a trivia game but we're not sure. Does anyone recognize it?
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Identify these dice with letters

Cleaning up our board games at my rental and found these four dice. They have kind of a Rubberized feel to them. Die 1: Blue C Red D Purple S Yellow R Orange M Green N Die 2: Blue H Red T Purple N ...
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Are the cards in these videos cards from a real TCG, or just props?

The video game Inscryption has a few segments where in-game videos depicting a fictional Youtuber opening card packs of what are supposed to be fictional card games are played. In these videos, the ...
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What are these Roman Numerals?

I got this used RISK game from a friend, and it was her son's when he was a kid. It had most of the pieces and the cards, but there was also a plastic container in the box with little plastic Roman ...
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What is this token?

I found this token underneath my table. It's cardboard and looks well-made (it doesn't bend or fold easily, fairly thick). I have no idea where it came from or what it belongs to, but it probably ...
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What game is this die from

Please help me identify this die. Thank you.
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Does anyone know where this weird blue and green laughing chess set is from?

I found this really weird chess set at a thrift store. Does anyone know where it’s from? (I bought it because, obviously).
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What is this d6 for? Faces are 0, 0, 1, 5, 5, and 6

I found a strange d6. It has two "blank" faces, one "1" face, two "5" faces, and one "6" face. Here's a couple photos: It was in a very old and battered ...
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What model is this, that represents Enslavers?

I spotted this model on a Bell of Souls article about Enslavers. But when googling, I can't find the model, and I don't think the article says. I'm also not sure Enslavers ever had models, so I don't ...
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