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A free online server for playing Go as well as watching and reviewing games

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Playing against underestimated player damages my rank at KGS

At, I (13 kyu) was playing against player ranked as "13k?", and I lost and dropped to 14 kyu. But then we found out (thanks to another user watching the match) that the user is actually much ...
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Trying to understand KGS ranking system: why did my rank drop?

I really don't understand what's going on in the GoKGS ranking system and why did my rank dropped in Decemeber. Look at my December game list. I was ranked as "13k?". Then I played an even game with ...
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CGoban 3 doesn't ask for saving a review!

I just finished a game at GoKGS and the opponent offered me a review. When we ended, the opponent has left first, then I closed the window with the review in a good hope CGoban will ask me if I want ...
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Do my games in the GoKGS get deleted after some time?

At this page ( I read: Your whole list of games (i.e. all those played in the last 180 days) ... This kind of suggests that "my whole list of games" = "all ...
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How do I set language in GoKGS?

I am forced to use czech language, but I would like to use English. How can I switch languages in GoKGS? This is what I see when I click File (1st in the menu) and Set preferences (3rd in the submenu)...