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Khet is best described as "laser chess": your pieces are mirrored on one (or more) sides. You can move or rotate one piece per turn, and then your laser fires; if it hits a non-mirrored side of a piece, it is captured.

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What are some good tactics for Khet 2.0?

I recently bought Khet 2.0 and I've played it a couple of times (we used the "Classic" starting position both times). I didn't really feel like I knew what I was doing as regards tactics / strategy, ...
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What are the differences with Khet 2.0?

I believe I played the original Khet a few years ago, now I notice there is a "2.0 version". Could anyone point out the main differences?
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Khet opening set-ups

What are the different merits of the Khet opening set-ups - Classic, Imhotep & Dynasty?
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