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Am I required to make a move in solitaire

If I have an empty row in the tableau and I pull a King from the stock pile am I required to use it? Reason for question: I have a red King in one of the Tableau columns and red Queens are at the top ...
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How to measure the difficulty of a deal in Klondike-Solitaire?

I want to measure the difficulty of different layouts in Klondike-Solitaire. My question is, what are the parameters that determine the difficulty of a layout? By layout I mean the permutation of ...
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Unwinnable klondike game [duplicate]

On an android app, called Classic Solitaire Klondike from Potato Jam, I'm struggling with a deck which seems unsolvable. In this app, 100% of the decks had a solution before. I wrote a solver running ...
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Methods to produce solvable deals in Klondike solitaire?

About 20% of Klondike-solitaire deals are not solvable. My question is what is the best method to get solvable deals? I thought about two options: Deal a random permutation, then try to solve it ...
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in Klondike-Solitaire, how likely is a deal with no legal moves? [duplicate]

In Klondike solitaire with standard rules (Draw 3 cards, Re-Deal infinite), a 'null' hand is a hand where you cannot play any card. Statistically, is it more common to win the game, or have a null ...
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Klondike Solitaire - what to do if 1 or 2 cards are left in the stock?

As far as I understand it, in standard Klondike solitaire, you deal 3 cards at a time from the stock to the waste. What if only 1 or 2 cards are left in the stock?
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Klondike Solitaire - moving partial sequences between columns

You'd think all the rules for this game would be well established but I have a question about the movement of partial sequences between columns in the tableau. Lets say I have two columns with the ...
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Can I deal just one card at a time in Klondike?

I installed Microsoft's Solitaire Collection, but in Klondike I cannot set any option to deal only one card in every 'turn'. Is it possible somehow? Update: Ian Hutchinson pointed to an important ...
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Can every game of Klondike-Solitaire be solved?

I play a lot of Solitaire games on my Android phone and love to keep an eye out for the statistics. Given that the Solitaire version lets you restart the game endlessly, I usually play until I solve ...
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