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Questions tagged [legal]

Questions about the legal aspects of making games, including copying or nearly-copying the theme, rules, or other aspects of another game, or converting a game into a new medium.

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5 votes
2 answers

Which famous (board) games are unlicenced and royalty free? [closed]

Which famous board games such as monopoly are unlicensed? Which games could you recreate and sell without having to pay royalties? Is there a list somewhere of all board games and their license, or ...
24 votes
2 answers

What's the legal stance for online versions of games?

I've played Dominion on isotropic, and I saw the existing question about online versions of board games, but not all of the games listed there appear to be official. The FAQ for isotropic says "I don'...
1 vote
1 answer

Can I create an online version of a game?

Can I create an online version of a card game? Just for experimenting. Is there any possible legal implication? In this case the card game is called Rick and Morty: Total Rickall.
0 votes
1 answer

Custom game boards and pieces for existing games [closed]

With the huge growth in the 3D printing and CNC areas over the past few years, you are starting to see a lot of custom pieces for existing board games. For instance, Risk boards made of walnut or ...
5 votes
1 answer

Is my black-bordered foil from 8th edition a counterfeit? Where can I find more copies?

I have a black-bordered 8th edition foil Thorn Elemental. I really like this card, and I tried to find a place where I can buy it again. However, I can only find white-bordered versions of this card ...
1 vote
2 answers

using real names / images in a board game [closed]

I am thinking of creating a soccer game, can I use real player name / images in this game or are there any legal implications? For example can I use Lionel Messi and his image on a card? Thanks for ...
2 votes
1 answer

How to use an existing game legally for inspiration?

Thinking about using an existing game as inspiration for a new version of the game, and wonder how to go about doing this in a way that if for some odd, unlikely reason that my version takes off that ...
6 votes
4 answers

Can I sell a third party expansion?

I've got an expansion for a semi-popular board game that my friends and I have been having a lot of fun with. I was wondering if I could package and sell the expansion to the game without consent ...