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How does Prince Thorald works when fighting together?

From page 7 of the rulebook: When Prince Thorald is standing on the same space as a creature, he adds 4 extra strength points to the hero’s points in a battle. I can interpret this in two different ...
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How to carry wood logs in the Legends-of-Andor?

Playing the legends of Andor, we are asked to transport wood logs to reconstruct villages. The rules state [my translation from french]: The logs are placed on the hero board, on the cells left of ...
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How to interpret the reward after defeating an monster

The manual states that after a monster is defeated, e.g. a gor, the players receive 2 gold and/or willpower. We assumed this means one of the following: 2 gold 1 gold and 1 willpower 2 willpower to ...
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How to play the intro of Legends of Andor with two players?

I just got Legends of Andor and was trying to play the intro with two players. Having only two heroes, it seems the objectives cannot be reached in one day. Is Andor meant to be played with all heroes ...
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Can a 5 year old kid play Legends of Andor?

My daughter loves stories and games. She plays games like The Magic Labyrinth and Viva Topo! fairly well. I am thinking about buying Legends of Andor to play with her since it seems to have a nice ...
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