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This tag is for the 2000 board game by Reiner Knizia. Lord of the Rings is a co-operative game where the object is to destroy the Ring while surviving the corrupting influence of Sauron.

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How is a gold rune different from a silver rune?

In this game, it's possible to earn runes and there are some special golden runes you earn by doing extra special stuff! Are the uses of the two types of runes different? So runes can be used to buy ...
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In Lord of the Rings, can quest cards with stars be used to pay for events that require you to discard other cards of a specific type?

In the Lord of the Rings co-op game, you can discard quest cards with stars on any activity track since they are considered wild cards; however, when an event requires you to discard cards with a ...
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5 votes
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In LOTR with Sauron, what's the timing of Nazgul cards?

We were playing the LOTR board game (Reiner Knizia) with the Sauron expansion (me as Sauron). On a player's turn, I played a Nazgul card. They interrupted the card with yellow cards, putting the ...
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Does the cooperative Lord of the Rings game require a decent amount of experience with the books to be playable?

I love cooperative games, and Lord of the Rings seems to be fairly high on the list. (I have Pandemic, Forbidden Island, and Shadows over Camelot. I'm considering Space Alert and Space Hulk Death ...
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