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Luck is the part of the game that is derived from chance factors represented by throws of coins, dice, etc.

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How to Measure Luck vs Skill in Games?

Anyone who has played a wide variety of games knows that some games are almost purely skill (i.e. Chess, Go), while others are 100 % luck (ie. Candyland, card game of War). However, most games are in ...
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Games that have no element of luck. [closed]

Most of my favourite games, such as Diplomacy, have little or no element of luck - either via dice rolls, hands dealt, or other methods. What other games can you recommend that rely on 'skill' alone? ...
19 votes
4 answers

Calculating luck as a factor in board games?

I´m hooked on Carcassonne but feel that after you learned the basic tactics it is mostly a game of luck. This has me wondering, when designing board games how would one go about calculating the luck ...
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How can I mitigate the luck factor of drawing destination tickets in Ticket To Ride?

I get the feeling that a big part of how well someone does in Ticket to Ride, is the drawing of their initial destination tickets, and the drawing of subsequent destination tickets, and how well they ...
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Is Fluxx a game of skill or luck?

In a recent question, a link was posted to a BGG member that attempted to objectively measure whether skill exists in the game Fluxx. This wasn't published in a peer reviewed journal, but was just a ...
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