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Be the first mayor to complete your city by building all four landmarks. A dice rolling game for 2-4 players.

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Is there a list of cards for Machi Koro 2?

I am thinking about acquiring Machi Koro 2. My problem is that in my country I can only get the original, Machi Koro 2 has not been officially released here, so I would have to import it. I have heard ...
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Machi Koro Millionaire's Row Moving Company and renovation questions

I have two rule clarifications that we've run into that we haven't been able to find an answer to while playing the Millionaire's Row expansion of Machi Koro: Can you use a Moving Company to move ...
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Does the card color matter for untapping it?

If a card is tapped (from the effect "on vacation"¹), its activation number has to be rolled to untap it. Does the card’s color matter here? Does my green/purple card get untapped if my opponent ...
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What is 5/5/2 variant of the Machi Koro?

Can someone explain this variant in details? Do we need the expansions for this variant to work? Or is it also applicable to the base game?
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English names for Machi Koro cards

My version of Machi Koro is not in English and none of the online manuals I found contain the building names. Can anyone provide a complete list of card cost and names? Card text would be helpful as ...
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How to encourage rolling two dice in Machi Koro?

I've played Machi Koro a number of times, most often with in a group of 3 players, sometimes 4. So far the prevailing strategy usually ends up being to roll only one die and to: Buy as many ...
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Order of building landmarks in Machi Koro

The objective of the game (base game) is to be the first to build all four land marks. For fear of being stolen from or falling behind, I tend to buy them by order of increasing cost. If at one point ...
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Most important buildings in 3 player version

In Machi Koro (base game), finding an optimal strategy depends on the number of players involved, since you take turns rolling the dice. Green and purple buildings are only activated when you roll the ...
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