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Questions tagged [mage-wars]

Mage wars pits magic wielders of different schools against each other in arena combat.

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Is spellbook building with only a single core set possible?

Let‘s say a friend of mine and me buy a single core set of Mage Wars, play some games with pre-defined spellbooks and then want to start building our own ones. Although building a deck can be quiet ...
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1 answer

Can I somehow block zone spells?

Can I somehow block a spell that targets a zone and damages all creatures within it, like Firestorm?
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1 vote
1 answer

Mage Wars Academy - zone spells : do they attack mages?

The spell Voltaic Discharge is said in the rules to target every creatures in the play area, including your own. That being said, and including the mages as creature, it seems right that it affects ...
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Can the Mage Wars Warlock be played without any Demon cards?

As the subject states, I was wondering if the Mage Wars Core Set comes with enough Fire type cards to allow the Warlock Mage to build a spellbook with absolutely no Demon cards. Without seeing the ...
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