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Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game for 2 or more players, set in a variety of fantastical realms. Players take on the role of a powerful wizard and duel in a battle of wits, using cards that represent resources such as creatures, objects, spells and enchantments.

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Is there data available on the relative strengths of the World Championship decks?

For the World Championships this year, WotC allowed Arena players to play the decks in Best of 1 against other arena players. Has or any similar "play monitoring" tool put ...
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Does the term "ramp" derive from the card "Rampant Growth?"

Many terms used in the context of Magic derive their names from individual cards. The usual example is to mill, which is derived from the effect of the card Millstone. Another common example is ...
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Choices While Resolving Missed Triggers Which Cannot Be Publicly Verified

According to the IPG, when the opponent of a player who missed a trigger chooses to put it onto the stack, "No player may make choices for the triggered ability involving objects that would not ...
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Clergy of the Holy Nimbus VS Weakness

In the old days of Magic the Gathering, if Clergy of the Holy Nimbus was reduced to non-positive toughness by an effect such as Weakness, it would continuously Regenerate while the rest of the game ...
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Has there been any attempt to learn the impact of replacement on win rate?

Deck A is a 60-card deck, with each card present in only one or two copies. Deck B is a 120-card deck, consisting of two additional copies of Deck A merged together. As a simplifying assumption, let'...
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Import cards without knowing set in mtggoldfish

I want to use the "my price" feature in mtggoldfish, so I need to import my collection. I have my collection in a spreadsheed, but I don't have the set names for each card, and for the ...
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