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Mancala is an ancient 2-player game where players pick up stones from one of six spaces on their side of the board, then drop one piece in each space going forward, including onto their granary and then to their opponent's side of the board. The objective is to collect the most pieces in your granary.

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Last stone in hand landing in Mancala

When your last stone in your hand lands in your store (Mancala), is it optional or required to take an extra turn?
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Computer engines that play Mancala

Are there any available computer engines that play the game Mancala? I know that there are many versions of the game but it would be interesting to know if there are computer engines that play the ...
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Winning avalanche with all pebbles on avalanche mode?

Is it possible to win avalanche mode with all 48 pebbles able to only use your side? IE the game pidgeon version? If so, how?
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In Mancala, can you pick up the stones if your last stone lands in a hole that isn't empty?

The way I played when I was growing up was that if your last stone lands in a space that has stones in it, you pick them all up and keep going until you land in an empty space. Is there a version ...
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Can you "steal" if the last piece lands in the hole it came from?

In the version of Mancala that i play, if the last stone of the move lands in an empty hole, the pieces in the opposite hole are "stolen" (removed and placed in the "thief's" home hole). Must the ...
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Engines that play Mangala?

Mangala is the Turkish version of mancala, with its own set of rules. I am planning on doing a project in it. Are there any game engines that either specifically play it, or universal Mancala players ...
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What is an extra move in Mancala, and can you have more than one?

When playing mancala, when you get a stone that lands in your mancala and get an extra move, is it just one move or do you start over like in the beginning and pick a group of stones on your side and ...
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In Mancala, are you allowed to pick up and count your opponent's stones?

In Mancala, are you allowed to pick up and count the number of stones your opponent has if the cup is too small to be able to see?
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What are the rules for playing with this unusual Mancala board?

I recently received a Mancala set hand-made from Africa. It has an unusual set up, and I was hoping someone knew the rules for playing on this set up. The board is an arrangement of circle and ...
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What is the largest amount of pebbles in mancala to win with?

This question has puzzled me for quite a while. It was a statement on the box that I own that triggered it, translated it says: The strategic player can outwit his opponent and win all his pebbles"...
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What is the correct opening move in mancala when you go first in a 6 hole per side board?

Obviously the first thing you want to do is get the bonus turn. But I'm confused after that. You don't want to do your 4th hole from the left because that would allow your opponent to get 2 bonus ...
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