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Questions tagged [mechanics]

Mechanics are the way in which a particular game process is carried out. Questions with this tag are game development questions or deal with a comparison of (game-independent) mechanics.

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12 votes
8 answers

Board Game Mechanics [closed]

I find myself always purchasing games that have similar game mechanics. I prefer worker-placement games, and railroad tycoon type games. All of these games borrow from each other in terms of how the ...
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10 votes
2 answers

What set of attributes can be used to describe, compare and contrast various board games? [closed]

A recent question about a good mix of board games got me thinking about how one could even objectively define "a good mix". My idea is to try and define a set of attributes that could describe, ...
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Looking for games with drop-in drop-out mechanic [closed]

When playing video games, I often prefer games that are easy to drop in and drop out of. Games like Team Fortress 2 where players are always respawning so the new player isn't set back, especially if ...
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Retreat in case of slide trap in Dungeon!

In a game of Dungeon! there is Slide Trap in Level 3 which says: Gain 1 Treasure and move to any chamber on Level 4 What happens when I encounter a monster in the level 4 chamber, attack it ...
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