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Memoir '44 is a war-themed strategy board game, created by Richard Borg. It simulates over a dozen of the battles connected with the D-Day invasions in World War II. Designed for two players, it can also be played with up to six players if played in teams and up to eight players in the "Overlord" scenarios that require two copies of the game. The game is published in by Days of Wonder.

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How can I make a game of Memoir '44 last longer?

Whenever I have a game of Memoir '44 I feel as if you take ages to set up, and the game is over really quickly, before you have had time to develop tactics. When I win I don't feel like a winner and ...
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Heroic leader after his unit is eliminated

If the unit with the heroic leader dies but no star is rolled, does the enemy still get one victory medal for the destroyed infantry unit? Action Cards 8 - Heroic Leader
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Road movement by tanks in Memoir '44

In Memoir '44 the rules specify that Tanks can move one extra hex (4 hexes instead of 3) if they remain on road hexes for their entire move. My question is: What effect does this have on their ...
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How does ignoring the first retreat flag work?

In Memoir '44, if an infantry unit is surrounded by sandbags, the rules state that the unit "may ignore the first flag rolled against it." I can come up with two interpretations that seem to have very ...
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How is retreating through obstacles handled in Memoir '44?

My opponent makes an attack roll and gets two flags, causing my infantry unit to retreat two hexes. The only viable path for retreat is through barbed wire directly behind the unit. Do I: lose one ...
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Without breaking the game, how can I fix Memoir 44's problem with having no cards to order units in a certain section?

I find Memoir 44 very interesting and exciting, but it seems everyone I introduce it to has the same gripe. They (and I) don't like having a unit getting pummeled by the opposing force without being ...
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