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Questions tagged [metagame]

Strategies that draw on information found outside the current game. For games that include customized components, players draw on information about strategic trends, and tailor their custom (deck, army, etc.) to have an advantage when facing the majority strategy.

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2 votes
2 answers

What are the standards for algorithmically forecasting metagame evolution under certain conditions of TCG design?

Company X operates a trading card game, periodically designing and releasing new card sets, which seed evolutionary shifts in its competitive metagame. For the purpose of achieving balanced card ...
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1 answer

Season's champion [closed]

We play once a week with the same gaming group, each night a different game. I thought about creating "season" records, such that every ~3 months we will announce the season's champion. The prize ...
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45 votes
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How to mitigate "bandwagon attacking" from players?

Let's assume I am playing a board game with at least 2 other players and there is a clear way to see how well players are progressing. Also assume there is an attack mechanism that cannot be directly ...
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2 answers

What to consider when naming decks [closed]

I'm relatively new to deck building, but I have noticed that sometimes players name their decks. What are the things to consider when I come to name decks? Here are a few things that I consider (...
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4 votes
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(Meta) game design to facilitate educational game design workshop/class

I would like to develop a framework to support teachers and their students in developing mini-games for their class. For example, a math teacher organizes several workshops and classes with his or ...
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10 votes
2 answers

What set of attributes can be used to describe, compare and contrast various board games? [closed]

A recent question about a good mix of board games got me thinking about how one could even objectively define "a good mix". My idea is to try and define a set of attributes that could describe, ...
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Interesting non-zero-sum games [closed]

In game theory, a zero-sum or constant-sum game is a game in which there is a single constant payoff that will be divided equally between the players; in order for one player to get a better result, ...
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