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Questions tagged [miniatures]

A miniature is a small-scale representation of a game element used in miniature wargames, role-playing games, and other tabletop games.

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What materials work best for painting the Marvel United figures?

What materials work best for painting the Marvel United figures? I have experience painting plastic (Warhammer) and resin models.
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How do I play Z.O.D.?

As someone with a 3d-printer and a love of board games I was really excited when I found Z.O.D. by Ill Gotten Games. The pieces looks great, and I have always wanted to try miniature figure gaming. ...
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Why are there generic ship class cards in Star Trek Attack Wing?

The base game of Star Trek Attack Wing consists of three ships, one for the main factions. Every ship has one ship card that marks it as a capital ship, for the Federation it naturally is the ...
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How to identify miniature parts that correspond to in-game enhancements?

I'm totally new to Warhammer and to assembling my own miniatures. I'm preparing a team of tau fire warriors and I am confused with the enhancements and how to prepare the miniatures to reflect them in ...
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How many different right-handed Power Swords are there on the sprues of the Space Marines?

I am looking to make a group of Vanguard Veterans who wield Power Swords, but since they are not on the sprue I will have to pilfer them from other boxed sets. But since the GW website is rather ...
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Removing to Reapply Decals

I've painted my new Space Marine chapter Blood Angels style, trying to respect as much as possible the color scheme: squad decal on knee, company decal on shoulder and winged blood dop on other ...
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Miniature painting - what does it mean to seal the model?

I was watching a couple of miniature painting tutorials and both times the narrator referred to "sealing" the model. I'm not quite sure what he meant by this. What does sealing a model refer to?
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8 votes
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What is the most cost effective Warhammer box set based on size and number of models?

I've only been able to find comparison of points/price ratio of single armies. What I'm looking for are the best quality models (number of models/box, size of models etc.) for the lowest price. So, ...
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What has been the popularity trend for D&D Miniatures?

How have D&D Miniatures been faring in terms of popularity? Has it been decreasing or increasing; slowly or fast? Recently (as in the last year), and if possible, on a broader scale as well. On ...
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What can Protectorate do to counter Epic Haley's Feat?

So, I have a friend who plays Cygnar in Warmachine. I play Protectorate, and he has been playing a LOT of Epic Haley. Her feat basically makes you 1) Forfeit either an action or a movement and 2) He ...
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Is using Quickshade a good way to finish miniature painting?

Recently I've discovered that Army Painter is selling a can of pigmented varnish called Quickshare. Has anyone had any experience with this or other similar products? On the pictures I've found models ...
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