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A *Magic: The Gathering* mechanic from Theros block that lets one play an Enchantment Creature as an Aura. Please also tag [magic-the-gathering].

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When I gain control of a creature, do I also gain control of any auras or equipment attached to it?

What would happen if I Portent of Betrayal'd a creature that had been enchanted by a bestow creature and cast a spell to give it protection from the enchantment's color on it to remove the bestowed ...
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Is an Enchantment Creature also an Enchanted Creature?

Is an Enchantment Creature also an Enchanted Creature? For example, Spiteful Returned states Whenever Spiteful Returned or enchanted creature attacks, defending player loses 2 life. If I have ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Can you cast a creature with Bestow while you control a Steel Golem?

You control a Steel Golem, which says "you can't cast creature spells". Can you pay the Bestow cost on, say, a Hopeful Eidolon, and cast it as an aura enchanting the Steel Golem? My reading ...
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Prophet of Kruphix: Can I flash Bestow?

If I have Prophet of Kruphix out (which gives all my creatures flash), can I use the bestow ability of my enchantment creatures during my opponents turn? For example, can I bestow Thassa's Emissary on ...
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When a Creature dies, does the Enchantment Creature attached to that Creature go in the graveyard?

Or can you place that Enchantment Creature as a Creature on the battlefield after the Creature it was attached to dies?
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