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Questions tagged [mtg-brawl]

Brawl is an option for a different style of Commander game, a Magic:The Gathering variant. Brawl games use the normal rules for the Commander variant with some modifications.Please also tag these questions with [magic-the-gathering].

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7 votes
3 answers

How did a player survive 24 commander damage?

I'm referring to this clip from streamer CovertGoBlue. He had pumped his commander (Illuna, Apex of Wishes mutated on top of a 2/2 Zombie token created by Field of the Dead) to 24/24 and then damaged ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How likely am I to have a key card in my starting hand in Brawl?

I'm playing the Brawl format (a 60-card singleton format), and I really want one specific card in my starting hand. I'm willing to take two mulligans (leaving me with a starting hand of 5 cards after ...
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