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for questions about the concept of commander damage found in the Commander/EDH format

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Commander Damage Stacking & Player Control

In Commander/EDH, as far as I understand if a commander does 21 damage to an opponent they lose. I understand separate commanders must be tracked separately in multiplayer. How does this count if for ...
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Are you able to take control of another player's Commander?

Recently, I was told by someone in my playgroup that you cannot take control of a player's commander at any point. If an effect would cause you to control another player's commander, either the effect ...
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Can you deal commander damage with any players commander? [duplicate]

If I gain control of another players commander, does it still deal commander damage or does that only work with your own commander?
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Can I defeat an opponent with their own commander?

I know that if I gain control of my opponent's commander, it won't lose the status of commander. How is the commander damage calculated in this case? Can I do the 21 commander damage with the stolen ...
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Can tokens created by planeswalkers do commander damage

I was playing a game with someone and they said they do because planeswalkers can't attack, so the tokens created by them count as commander creatures. Is that true? I can't find any rules that talk ...
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Why is 21 damage from a commander lethal?

In commander, there is the extra rule: 903.14a A player that’s been dealt 21 or more combat damage by the same commander over the course of the game loses the game I am wondering as to the origins ...
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Does non-combat damage affect Commander damage?

Do the effects of a Commander that deal (non-combat) damage, such as Obzedat, Ghost Council, count towards Commander damage? I have not been able to find whether or not it has to be, specifically, ...
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How does Infinite Reflection work with Commander and commander damage?

Does a Commander which has been turned into a copy of another card still do commander damage (i.e. will 21 damage dealt to a single player from the copy lose the game for that player)? Alternately, ...
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Commander damage from Mimic Vat token?

I've exiled my commander using Mimic Vat. Do the tokens it creates from it deal commander damage?
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